Mental abstraction

In ILUGON educational games kids will work abstraction on different levels: real photography, drawing, written word and oral word.

Abstraction is an intellectual operation that allows us to separate features or details of something and analyze it in isolation. Abstraction is necessary to be able to perform more complex tasks afterwards: understanding of language or mathematical logic

Our Fruits and Vegetables game incorporates phases to work abstraction by associating drawings, photographs, written words and oral words. The phases have been designed to help the child associate the different representations of the same element.

  • the drawings are accompanied by the written word
  • when the child presses a picture, the picture appears and the child hears the word
  • the child will hear phrases like 'Where is the pear?' and the child will have to choose the drawing that represents the pear
  • he child will see different drawings and photographs that the child will have to associate.


More details on the game web page:



  • Associate a photograph with a drawing that represents the same concept
  • Associate a drawing with a word.


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